Our Lead Scientists are experienced, impassioned individuals who are our point-people for our designated program locations. As such, they are responsible for communicating directly with parents and guardians and relaying all relevant information back to administration. All leads are in charge of leading and implementing our curriculum and dynamic activities. It is the lead’s responsibility to set the tone for a positive and encouraging learning atmosphere.


  • Delegate tasks and motivate Support Staff and Interns
  • Correspond directly with parents and guardians: conducting sign-in and sign-out, providing tentative schedules, recaps etc.
  • Promote safety of attendees, staff, and interns through implementation of our safety guidelines and procedures
  • Oversee that both program gear and field site are properly maintained
  • Communicate closely with administration to ensure program program success



  • Upon hire, a degree in Marine Sciences, Biology, Education, or a closely related science field
  • Upon hire, First Aid and CPR certification
  • Previous scientific field, science research or teaching experience
  • Pass a background check
  • Ability to lead and implement program activities in a variable setting
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Passionate about marine sciences and conservation

Physical Demands

  • Physical ability to lead and participate in program activities, including but not limited to: Dissections, seining, hiking, kayaking, and moving gear and equipment.
  • Maintain responsibility for attendees and safely implement lessons in a contained but variable outdoor setting, where conditions may include but not be limited to sudden wind and rain events, extreme heat, changing tides etc.