The major role of our support staff is to assist the Lead Scientist in conducting various lessons and activities. It is encouraged that all staff covers all or part of recurring lessons, such as water quality, as the program session progresses. Staffers must also be prepared to work with program attendees independently if needed.


  • Assist the Lead Scientist in all lessons and activities as needed and directed
  • As necessary, independently supervise attendees
  • Help Lead Scientists direct Interns
  • Work positively in a group setting
  • Ensure gear and equipment is handled properly
  • Care for attendees with a range of both physical and mental abilities
  • Create a positive and encouraging learning atmosphere



  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a group setting
  • First Aid and CPR certification is preferred
  • Pass a background check
  • Passionate about marine sciences and conservation

Physical Demands

  • Physical ability to lead and participate in program activities, including but not limited to: Dissections, seining, hiking, kayaking and moving gear and equipment.
  • Work in a contained but variable outdoor setting, where conditions may include but not be limited to sudden wind and rain events, extreme heat, changing tides, etc.