Our Mission

We are more than a marine science program- we are a movement!  Our mission is to provide a platform that enables youths to gain both an appreciation for and understanding of their local marine environments. Our hands-on feet-wet methodology introduces our attendees to real-life scientific experiments, methods, and practices. We promote the concepts of and living sustainably and preserving various marine ecosystems.

Activities and Curricula

We provide attendees with a mixture of dynamic hands-on activities that may include but not be limited to hands-on field sampling, interactive games, scientific demonstrations and experiments, dissections, and special guest presentations. A large component of our program is the scientific field sampling and water quality testing. These activities enable attendees to obtain daily hands-on experience with marine life and observe variances in our natural world.  

Our general core curriculum is updated seasonally. We strive to incorporate all aspects of marine science into our curriculum. This includes topics such as biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, and conservation. Our various dissections also allow attendees to learn fun, interesting facts about our local marine life’s anatomy.

Our Staff

We strive to be an engaging and inspiring science program. All of our Lead Scientists are degreed scientists who are CPR and First Aid certified. Many of our support staff are also degreed or are currently working towards a degree in the marine sciences and/or a closely related field. For additional information, or to join our team, please check out our Employment Page here.

Our Programs

The small scale of our outdoor programs allows us to maintain an engaging hands-on experience. Our attendee to staff ratio combined with our smaller program size allows us to create a safe atmosphere where all are encouraged to enjoy our dynamic activities. This open-classroom setting allows attendees to learn and experience the marine world free from the constraints that a typical classroom may present.

K-8th Programs

Full-Day: Available 9:00am-2:00pm at most full-day locations. Attendees must be prepared with their own lunch, snacks, and additional materials (see below).

Half Day: Available 9:00 am- 12:00 pm at most half-day locations. Attendees must be prepared with their own snacks and additional materials (see below).

6th-Teen Programs

These programs are designed for attendees who are truly interested in delving more deeply into the world of marine science. Attendees are exposed to more hands-on activities and demonstrations that demand a higher level of critical thinking and problem-solving. In addition to the potential activities previously listed above, current events and cutting-edge research in the marine science field will also be examined. These attendees will also partake in our Citizen Science initiative! 

Field Trips

We do offer day trips and field trips for local schools and organizations. Please inquire within for additional information and to negotiate pricing.

After School Programs

We do run several after-school fall and winter enrichment programs. Our hands-on presentations occur once a week for approximately one hour. Please inquire within for additional information and to negotiate pricing.

Age and Development Requirements

Attendees at our K-8th programs must be a minimum age of five years old at the start of the program in order to attend. Attendees at our 6th-Teen Program programs must be a minimum of eleven years old and entering 6th grade in order to be eligible for enrollment. Additional terms and conditions apply.

What to Bring

Your attendee will need to come prepared with:  

  • Water: At least two adult reusable bottles are recommended.
  • Sunscreen: Attendees should arrive with applied sunscreen and have an extra bottle packed for re-applying.
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit: Attendees will get wet during several activities such as field sampling.
  • Water shoes: Any shoe with a closed back for water-based activities (old sneakers are a great option).
  • Walking shoes: A pair of flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, etc. for attendees to change into for non-aquatic activities.
  • Food: As we are an active outdoor program snacks are recommended for all sessions. Attendees in our full-day programs must also be prepared with their own packed lunch. Peanut and tree-nut free food items are preferred.

Please note that your Lead Scientist(s) will be sending their introductory emails approximately one week prior to the start of our program. All are encouraged to inquire within or communicate with Leads for additional information.