General Program Inquiries

How do I register my future scientist(s) for camp?2022-01-26T05:07:58-05:00

Step 1: Register for an account.
Step 2: Register your camper(s).
Step 3: Choose your state and browse available camps.

What is your team like?2022-01-19T21:27:26-05:00

We strive to be an engaging and inspiring science program. All of our Lead Scientists are degreed scientists who are CPR and First Aid certified. Many of our support staff are also degreed or are currently working towards a degree in the marine sciences and/or a closely related field. For additional information, or to join our team, please check out our Opportunities Page.

What is your curriculum and an average day in camp like?2022-01-19T21:16:10-05:00

We provide attendees with a mixture of dynamic hands-on activities that may include but not be limited to hands-on field sampling, interactive games, scientific demonstrations and experiments, dissections, and special guest presentations. A large component of our program is the scientific field sampling and water quality testing. These activities enable attendees to obtain daily hands-on experience with marine life and observe variances in our natural world.

Our outdoor program’s flow is highly variable and relies heavily on local conditions, tides, and topography. Sampling options are contingent upon these factors. Our Lead Scientists prefer to sample early and run our core curriculum later in the day.

What does my camper need to be prepared with?2022-01-19T21:22:31-05:00

A Camper’s List will also be provided in our Welcome Email from [email protected] approximately one week prior to the start of camp.

Your camper will dolphin-itely need to be prepared with:

  • Water shoes for sampling. Anything with a closed back like old sneakers!
  • Walking shoes for non-aquatic activities (flip flops, sandals etc).
  • Water (at least two reusable bottles are recommended).
  • Food. As we are an active outdoor program, snacks are recommended for all sessions. Attendees in our full-day programs must also be prepared with their own packed lunch. Peanut and tree-nut free food items are preferred. Reusable containers are preferred.
  • Extra bottle of sunscreen for re-applying.
  • Sun protection (hat, rashguard over swimsuit, etc).
  • Towel.
  • Swimsuit for sampling.
  • Sense of wonder.

Optional gear:

  • Dip nets. Not all locations are able to utilize a dip net. Label Dip net with name in a waterproof marker. Avoid nets with long, bamboo-like handles, as these are very fragile. Contact us to learn more.
  • Crab Trap and line. Not all locations are able to crab. Hand-lines will be available for campers to share. Contact us to learn more.
When do we get our fintastic shirts?2022-01-19T21:24:27-05:00

Shirts will be distributed on the first day of camp.

Where is your program located?2022-01-19T21:24:58-05:00

We have a variety of pop-up locations along the coast! Click the location on our Registration page to view a brief description, or Contact Us to learn more about the ecosystem!

Are all of your locations the same?2022-01-19T21:26:44-05:00

We tailor our field curriculum to mesh with each unique outdoor setting, as even nearby locations may vary dramatically. The ecosystem, topography and beachscape of each area will present different oppor-tuna-ties for sampling and methods for teaching.

What is an affiliate site?2022-01-19T21:28:15-05:00

Our knowledgeable team and award-winning curricula are ubiquitous throughout all programs. The sole difference between affiliates and non-affiliates is the method of registration. Where applicable, our website provides links to each affiliate’s respective registration page. Affiliates handle, open, and close registration at their own discretion.

What program types do you offer?2022-01-19T21:28:31-05:00

The vast majority of locations are full-day, with some half-day programs available. We current-ly offer K-8th grade and 6th-Teen summer day camp programs. Program type varies per location.

What is the difference between a half-day and full-day program?2022-01-19T21:28:53-05:00

Full-Day: Available 9:00am-2:00pm at most full-day locations. Attendees must be prepared with their own water, lunch, snacks, and additional materials. We break for lunch around midday and have water and snack breaks throughout so our campers stay well-nourished and hydrated!

Half Day: Available 9:00 am-12:00 pm and/or 12:00 pm-3:00 pm at most half-day locations. Attendees must be prepared with their own water, snacks and additional materials.

What is the difference between a K-8th and Teen program?2022-01-19T21:29:11-05:00

Teen programs are designed for attendees who are truly interested in delving more deeply into the world of marine science. Attendees are exposed to more hands-on activities and demonstrations that demand a higher level of critical thinking and problem-solving. In addition to the potential activities previously listed above, current events and cutting-edge research in the marine science field will also be examined. These attendees will also partake in our Citizen Science initiative!

What do you recommend for repeat campers?2022-01-19T21:29:26-05:00

Repeat campers make up a large portion of our rosters! To ensure diverse curricula, communicate with your Lead Scientist(s) after obtaining their contact information. We recommend attending a variety of locations, so your budding scientist may compare and contrast ecosystems. We also suggest that campers experience the same location and different points in the summer. This way, they may experience a variety of species and life stages due to variances in the natural world.

Do you split campers up according to age?2022-01-19T21:29:49-05:00

Campers in our K-8th programs are split up according to age as much as possible so that we may differentiate our curricula.

What are your age and development requirements?2022-01-19T21:30:21-05:00

The age minimum/grade level restrictions will be presented in the description upon registration. We reserve the right to remove a registrant from the roster, at any time, if deemed ineligible. Some of our sessions (ex: 6th-Teen) are reserved for our older campers. These programs are geared towards individuals with a genuine passion for science, and have a more advanced curriculum. We do have a strict camp policy that attendees must be a minimum of 11 years old to be eligible in our 6th-Teen program and a minimum of 5 yo for the duration of the K-8th camp week that they will be enrolled.

What are your camp rules, transfer, cancellation, and weather policy?2022-01-19T21:31:06-05:00

A full view of our terms may be found here.

When will I hear from the team after registration?2022-01-19T21:31:35-05:00

Families will receive a Welcome Email from [email protected] to the email provided by their user account approximately one-week prior to the start of camp. Affiliate sites may diverge from this norm. This introductory email will contain site details, pickup/dropoff instructions, and Lead Scientist contact information.

How can I get my institution/school involved in presentations, trips, events, enrichment programs etc?2022-01-19T21:32:02-05:00

We otter the aforementioned activities in the off-season. Our team is also open to engage in ongoing collaborations and community-driven citizen science opportunities. Contact us to learn more!

What’s with the marine science puns?2022-01-19T21:32:17-05:00

We shrimply cannot help ourselves.

Application and Team Inquiries

How do I join your team?2022-01-19T21:23:57-05:00

You can view all available career opportunities on our Opportunities page.

When do you begin accepting applications?2022-01-19T21:02:37-05:00

We accept rolling applications each season for our Lead Scientist, Support Staff, and Internship positions. We begin the hiring process in December, well in advance of our program session(s) start.

What is your application process?2022-01-19T21:03:12-05:00

Normally, we begin the process with phone screening, video interviews, and reference checks. All members 18 yo and older are subject to background checks. An updated resume, CV, and three professional references may be directly sent to our team via the [email protected] email address.


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